At The Green Machine, we’re big on sustainability, ethical farming and production, supporting local businesses, organic produce, eco-friendly brands and active lifestyles.

The Green Machine ethos is to promote a “real food”, unprocessed, nutrient dense way of eating. It is a “food-style”, unconfined to any one particular diet. It is an unrestrictive, achievable, sustainable way of eating.
The recipes on The Green Machine collect parts of different types of whole food diets, bringing them together to create a balanced diet that can be tailored to individual needs.

You can find ingredient alternatives aimed but not restricted to, those with food intolerances and allergies. Soy, grain, dairy, gluten, sugar and nut-free options feature in many of the recipes. We want to be inclusive but not overbearing, by providing choices for people to make educated and informed decisions about their food.

The fitness section of The Green Machine aims to provide advice and guidance from industry professionals, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. Featuring a wide range of sporting disciplines from pole dancing to weightlifting, there’s something here for everyone. Take you’re pick!

Skincare, Beauty & Green Home
At The Green Machine we’re big on sustainability and the environment and there has been a lot of bad press in recent years regarding chemical ingredients and their negative effects on human health, in everything from makeup to shampoo, to plastics to toothpaste. We cover topics from sustainable living ideas to homemade skincare recipes and natural, DIY home cleaning recipes.

We strive to keep ourselves naturally healthy and advocate working with a scientific approach to achieve optimum health through education. Making informed decisions about what we consume, whether it be though diet, personal care products, the home environment or the clothes on our back.

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