First steps to fitness: Running


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If you’ve never run before, thats ok. We all start at the same place… The beginning. As with anything, the chances of bounding off like Usain Bolt on your first run are slim. It will take time, patience and dedication, so don’t be put off if you find the first few runs difficult. This is natural and if you keep practising you will see results.  Continue reading

Obstacle Race Survival Checklist

The build up to every obstacle race is exciting. Sometimes, the excitement gets in the way of rational thinking and I forget to pack things I need. So to prevent this, I made a checklist and an OCR survival guide to follow each time I do a race. Keeping organised allows me to focus my energy on actually racing, rather than what I’ve forgotten. The checklist is available to download the bottom of the article, get stuck in, take away unnecessary stress and be as organised with your belongings as you have been with your training. Continue reading

Mud Run Memoirs: My First Obstacle Race

Spartan Super. 13k+ course, we were told afterwards it was actually nearer 17k!

There is something deeply satisfying about collecting a medal at the end of a race when you haven’t placed first. You’re still a winner, no matter when you finish. As soon as you drag yourself over that finish line, whether you’re first or last, you are a winner.

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