Are you a “Green Machine”?

The Green Machine is looking for submissions.

As a Wellness “Directory”, we want to promote content from a variety of authors and experts who share the same passion for health, fitness, food and wellness and are looking for the following:

Whole Food

  • Healthy recipes using non processed food and allergy/”free-from” alternatives (sugar free/gluten free/wheat free/dairy free/soy free/nut free etc)
  • Informative, well researched articles about food and/or related issues


  • Tutorials
  • “Benefits of…” Particular exercises
  • Are you a trainer or own a fitness related business? Share your wealth of knowledge with an enthusiastic audience

Natural Skincare/Green Home

  • DIY Recipes e.g. homemade cleaning products/beauty products
  • Providing education about sustainable clothing/materials
  • Do you run a business using organic/natural beauty products or skincare? Share your expertise via The Green Machine


  • Got a story to share? We like personal journeys with happy endings! How making changes to your lifestyle has made for a happier, more fulfilling  existence

Who we’re looking for:
Those who share The Green Machine ethos. Here are a few  points of interest we will have in common with our contributors:

Organic farming
Promotion of locally sourced goods
Fair Trade & Ethical produce
Non-toxic products
Heathy lifestyle
Whole food

If you or your business can help champion any of the above, we want to hear from you!

Drop us a message via the contact page. Please include relevant links/attachments
to your work and provide a little information about yourself and your area of
specialisation. Please read the submission guidelines before submitting. Successful applicants will be contacted within 10 days however we are very grateful for each and every enquiry and submission and for that, we thank you!


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