Submission Guidelines

Lets get down to the nitty gritty

Please read the guidelines before sending a submission or contributor enquiry. If the guidelines are not adhered to, your submission may not be considered and we wouldn’t want that!

  • While every submission will be considered, it is not guaranteed that all work submitted will be published on The Green Machine Wellness Directory. Successful applicants will be contacted within 10 days.
  • Work submitted must be original and previously unpublished.Work does not have to have been specifically created for The Green Machine. Previously completed work will be considered if it is unpublished.
  • If your work is accepted, you must not publish or promote it on any platform, including all social media websites/apps until it is published on The Green Machine Wellness Directory. You will be kept up to date with its publication date. Once published on The Green Machine, promote as much as you like!
  • You retain copyright of your work however, by submitting, you agree that your submission may be reproduced, modified, adapted, published, distributed and made available to the public by The Green Machine Wellness Directory ( at any time. Think of it as any other magazine or publication, if for example, a written article requires editing, it may be edited by The Green Machine to fit in with the overall design and ethos.
  • Please provide links to relevant social media handles/your website
  • You will be given credit for your work. Please send links to social media accounts/websites. We cannot guaranteed every link will be published but we will try our best to promote you where possible.
  • High quality photography is vital. Remember, Hannah Elizabeth is a photographer. Out of focus, “phone mirror selfies”, too low resolution images will be not accepted so as to keep the image standard high. Please contact Hannah Elizabeth if you are unsure whether your images are suitable. If you have a recipe submission that needs images, please also contact Hannah Elizabeth for guidance and advice regarding possible steps to take with the photography.
  • Ideally, please provide an image that shows who you are, to help illustrate  your submission/article. Readers love to know who they are learning from.
  • You may be asked to provide property and/or model release forms if submitted imagery features people and/or buildings that can be recognised.
  • As it stands, The Green Machine cannot compensate submissions with cold hard cash. While we hope this will change, currently the benefits of submitting are getting your work promoted to a relevant, friendly, passionate audience. We will promote you and/or your business as much as possible for optimum exposure. You will be part of an incredible community that share a deep interest in healthy living, a positive attitude towards food and much, much more.

..Thank you..



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